Family Adventures at Vasquez Rocks

Family Adventures in California

Celebrating at the TOP! 

Celebrating at the TOP! 

Vasquez Rocks, Aqua Dulce, and exploring

We spend the day North of Los Angelos recently while doing some family traveling.  We loved the hiking and climbing that Vasquez Rocks provided us for a couple of hours of toddler friendly fun.  We then headed over to Aqua Dulce Winery where we tried some wines and let Roman explore while playing with the animals. A very unique setup which worked out for us on the this afternoon. 


Sage Blossom...

Why the sage blossom? I find it totally inspiring that landscape can appear so harsh, yet for a brief period the sage brush turns blazing yellow/gold. These colors beacon one to take another look, and see what can be if you take the time to notice the little things.  

Isnt that what photography is all about? Stopping to capture the small moments that could be overlooked, or even forgotten in 5 years.  Imagine having an image that can bring back the smiles, allow you to hear the laughter each time you look at it.



Big Horn Mountains

Camping in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains


mom and toddler mountain views wyoming photography

We recently spend a long weekend camping in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains.  We chose to not use a campside and did primitive camping, our first time doing so with our son. He is luckily an adventurous toddler!  We enjoyed smores by the fire under a huge star full of skies, fishing along the creeks, and doing some hiking for amazing mountain vistas. 

Even though we were hear in July it did get down to low 40s at night, so make sure you always pack some warm layers for the nights and early mornings, and remove layers as the day warms up.