Family Adventures at Vasquez Rocks

Family Adventures in California

Celebrating at the TOP! 

Celebrating at the TOP! 

Vasquez Rocks, Aqua Dulce, and exploring

We spend the day North of Los Angelos recently while doing some family traveling.  We loved the hiking and climbing that Vasquez Rocks provided us for a couple of hours of toddler friendly fun.  We then headed over to Aqua Dulce Winery where we tried some wines and let Roman explore while playing with the animals. A very unique setup which worked out for us on the this afternoon. 


Toddler Adventures in Downtown Los Angeles

We decided to spend a day exploring downtown LA on our last trip to California.  I looked all over but was unable to find a large source of information available for things to do with a toddler while traveling in LA.


Grand Park had a nice infinity fountain which my son loved splashing in- maybe a little too much. There was also public restrooms across from the fountain. 

Grand Central Market- Lights, People, Yummy smells it was a complete toddler experience.  We sampled some Thai, Salvadorian, really got a little bit of everything. Crowded with lunch rush, but great people watching. 

We walked to Pershing Square but most of it was fenced off in anticipation of holiday decorations to be set up.

We went to LA Skyspace on top of the US Bank tower. This was a huge hit with our son! He still talks about getting to drink his juice on the tower.  He was unable to do the slide, which did not seem worth the expense as just walking around and being on the platform were nice.  We just walked up to the window for our tickets as there was no available tickets showing online. 



Standing at LA Skyspace at US Bank in Downtown LA

Standing at LA Skyspace at US Bank in Downtown LA